Christian i Botswana

Christian som är vår ekonom åker på utbyte till Botswana. Följ hans resa här.


8 kommentarer till Christian i Botswana

  1. Christian Bladh skriver:

    Packed and ready to leave for Botswana tomorrow morning. I will arrive in Gaborone on Tuesday afternoon after visiting Copenhagen, Madrid and Johannesburg.
    Already missing my family in my mind, but looking forward visiting Afrika for my first time.

    Written on 22 november 19:04

  2. Christian Bladh skriver:

    After an extra long journey with a six hour stop in Madrid I arrived safely in Gaborone, Botswana yesteday afternoon, Today I visited the university for the first time and were well taken cared of. Today I was mainly at the supply finances (inköpsavdelningen på svenska). Tomorrow I will attend a Tenant meeting. The weather is nice, around 30 C during daytime.

  3. resebloggar skriver:

    Hej Christian
    Vad kul att höra från dig och att resan gått bra. Lena

  4. Christian Bladh skriver:

    Today I attended the 153rd Tender Committe meeting. Very interesting to see that we share the same problems. Work starts aprox at 8.15 and end approx 16.30. So there is not much spare time. My beuty sleep is all ruined.

  5. Christian Bladh skriver:

    Yesterday I met with the Dr Seboni, Dean of the Nursing Department. I then went to the staff cafeteria for lunch with one of her collegues. At the cafeteria I run into one of the exchange teachers that had been to BTH. I recognized her and she immideately asked for Lotta. So, I did get to send her Lottas personal greeting to her in person. Then back to ”my” office working on BTH budget, a long going experience, which I thought would be over with two weeks ago. that is why these two weeks were picked for jobshadowing. The only two possible weeks during the fall.

    On the way back to the hotel I convinced my driver to let me of att one of the bigger malls, the Broadhurst Mall. It was nice, but I did not find any gifts to bring home. I left with an electric adaptor and an extra hat.

  6. Christian Bladh skriver:

    This norning the department of transport forgot to pick me up. If they would have told me the driver was on leave that would have been nice. I took a walk to the University, which is a really nice walk, approx 1 km, with sidewalks where needed. It is about 35 C today so it is quite hot. Fortunately I remembered to bring some water with me.

    Hoping to get to Mokolodi this weekend, I just need to arrange it. When I have the time, I do not know? On Sunday I will try to attend an Anglican church service. I will pick the one in english.

  7. Christian Bladh skriver:

    Back again! Had some problems with the internet. I went to Mokolodi this weekend and it was wonderful. Today I am visiting studentsponsoring and tuition dep. where I will learn how the university gets its money. I have managed to go to the post office this morning to get stamps and postcards. Luckily there is one located at the university campus. The other one at the main mall I have not been able to visit. It closes before I get back from UB every day.


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